interstate 30We can’t stress enough the importance of utilizing landmarks and alerts for any business.

Perfect for marking the office to know when your employees have finished for the day. Even great for marking a location your employees frequent. Landmarks will alert you when a vehicle enters and leaves that area.

But this feature can also be used more creatively.

Some companies utilize landmarks to keep their employees out of certain areas they know are going to be trouble.

This business owner knew she had bad eggs in her basket when she noticed her drivers adding miles to their days on top of the routes they were already doing.

She simply asked them what happened and got an honest answer.

Located in Fort Worth, TX, her drivers never needed to leave the city to do a job, but they would drive to Dallas, TX – over 30 miles away – to have lunch!

After explaining to her employees that they couldn’t continue to do this, she asked Rhino Fleet Tracking to set up a landmark for her to see if they were still going to Dallas.

We set a landmark on Interstate 30, the freeway running between Dallas and Fort Worth, and patiently waited.

To no one’s surprise, one afternoon the business owner received an alert to her phone saying that a vehicle had entered the landmark.

Since there was no work-related reason for the vehicle to be driving there she immediately called the driver and asked where they were going… you can imagine how the conversation went.

Owning a business isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. A lot of the time its managing people and problems, and trying to make sure everything gets done correctly.

Rhino Fleet Tracking helps your business stay on top of the things that are most important to its success. Give us a call at 800-293-0420 today.

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