Tired Older Man

During one of our regular outreach calls with our customers, our Technical Support Specialist, CJ, learned that a customer was having issues with one of her employees and needed some extra help.

To her dismay, the employee was claiming to have worked some extra overtime and wanted to be compensated for it, but she didn’t think he had actually been working the hours.

Not uncommon for us to hear – employees often try to boost their pay by clocking extra minutes here and there that they didn’t work.

CJ told Laura how she could use our reporting software to check the time he says he worked versus the hours he was actually working.

No need to check it every day. Rhino Fleet Tracking offers reporting history up to 365 days in the past, making it easy to verify your timesheets without any additional steps.

You can pull reports as frequently as you like, whether that’s weekly, monthly or a whole year at a time.

Laura checked the dates that her employee claimed to have worked overtime and what did you expect? She found that he didn’t work nearly as much as he claimed.

The next steps were simple. She talked to her employee about reporting accurate timesheets and time theft and only paid him for the verified time that he had actually worked.

Days later she called CJ back and thanked him graciously, explaining now that she was saving money she was able to improve her business and even expand her fleet.

Do you have any employees you need to track but maybe don’t want them to know? Try our Wired GPS Vehicle Tracking device today! Installed under the dash, it’s the perfect device for you.

Or simply call Rhino Fleet Tracking at 1-800-293-0420 to speak with a National Account Manager immediately.

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