Snowy truck

Have you checked if your drivers are warm? We received a call from a business owner who couldn’t understand why his fuel expenses were increasing during colder weather even though business had slightly declined.

He thought maybe some of his vehicles were being misused and decided to give us a call to get to the bottom of it.

At first, his trips looked fairly normal and there was nothing out of the ordinary to see. So, we dug deeper into the problem.

We learned his employees usually start around 7am and work late into the afternoons.

Since his drivers start from home, so he didn’t monitor what happened before their shifts started, he simply ensured that they were at their first job at the right time.

We found that many of his drivers were starting their trucks at 6am and earlier, but they wouldn’t move for half an hour to forty-five minutes after the car was started.

The drivers would start the car in the morning and let it idle as the car warmed up.

Usually 15-20 minutes is sufficient, but these employees were letting their trucks run long after they were ready to go, wasting lots of unnecessary fuel.

Without tracking, how would this boss understand his fuel problem?

With Rhino Fleet Tracking, you can reference your fuel expenses with your mileage driven and always stay on top of fuel spend.

We’ve got the tools to keep your fuel spend low this Winter.

Keep your employees warm while never letting your fuel go to waste. Call us today at 800-293-0420.

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