Don’t you hate when you are ready to purchase something, and the last thing your sales rep tells is that you have to purchase a multi-year agreement to get started? They lock you into a contract before you know what kind of service you’re getting, then tell you you cannot cancel when you’re fed up.

Hmmm… Doesn’t that seem fishy?

We don’t bait and switch you. There is no promise of a price, then tell you that price is owed to us for 3 years or we’ll come get you. We understand our customers and their businesses, so we never require contracts.

With Rhino Fleet Tracking, what you see is what you get – a robust GPS Fleet Management System at $16.95 per month with no contracts.

We’ve gone through our share of being locked into a contract and provided horrible service, so we understand.

We strongly believe requiring contracts is a way to trap buyers into using your fleet tracking system without providing the service that they want.

So often we hear the stories of our new customers wanting to leave our competitors, but when they try they are forced to go through lawyers and legal paperwork to get out. Some still required to pay their way out!

How can you ask someone to pay an extra year for a service that they can’t use?

We know that no contracts means you can cancel at any time, and we’re not afraid of that, we embrace it. Having Rhino Fleet Tracking adds a fleet tracking staff to your team, who provides superior service as if your business is ours, because your business matters to us.

Every time you call in you’ll be greeted by a live person who is ready and eager to help.

With Rhino Fleet Tracking, we’ll work with you to get the best solution for your business. And when your business grows so much that it gets purchased by a larger company that already has a solution ready, we’ll set you free and thank you for your business.

It’s that easy for us.

No pressure. No contracts. Call today at 1-800-293-0420.

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