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Why Work, When You Can Watch Movies and Eat Popcorn?

Why Work, When You Can Watch Movies and Eat Popcorn?
May 16, 2019 Eric Carter

Movie Theater

A few weeks ago, we welcomed quite a few new customers to Rhino Fleet Tracking. One customer and his story really stood out. This local business owner asked to come into our office to pick up his trackers on Monday so he could install them immediately.

On Tuesday, we followed up to make sure everything was running smoothly and to see if we could be of any assistance. He had already started using the trackers he purchased and was immediately seeing the benefit of being able to locate each vehicle quickly and easily.

By Wednesday, he called us back and told us he had gathered useful information about his employees’ behavior resulting in his awareness about activity he needed to address.

Friday morning, he called back thinking one of his devices wasn’t working properly because it was showing a location indicating it was near a movie theater.  His employee was scheduled and had communicated that they were on a job on the other side of town.

We quickly ran diagnostics to make sure the device was in fact working properly.  The device was fully functional, and the location data was accurate, leaving the employer a bit stunned.

After further discussion, the owner decided to go to the location of the device and see for himself if the information was accurate.  He said he would call us back to give us an update.

We assisted him in finding exactly where his company vehicle was parked in the lot.  Still a little stunned, he waited for his employee to exit the movie.  After enjoying a midday movie, with nice buttery popcorn and a big soda, the employee returned to the work vehicle to find her boss waiting.

In just a short 5 days, this business owner found tremendous value in utilizing GPS fleet tracking to monitor his fleet.   Being able to quickly identify an employee’s misuse of company property and time is one of the many benefits that our Customer’s experience by using our fleet tracking service.

What will you discover with fleet tracking? Who knows! You can start a free trial with Rhino Fleet Tracking today. Simply call 800-293-0420 and schedule a demo.