PacmanYOUR fleet vehicles, with your brand and your phone number displayed on them, are mobile ambassadors of your brand.  Wouldn’t you want to make sure they were representing both you and your company well?

A customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking wanted to monitor just that. The customer, who runs a company in the health and wellness industry, had received a disappointed email from a potential client who saw one of her drivers parked at a local fast food restaurant.

She compiled a list of all the fast food locations in her area and called us to see if there was a way to monitor if her vehicles visited them.

We helped set up landmarks on all the addresses she needed on her map and also helped set up text message alerts in the event one of her vehicles went to those locations.

She was extremely grateful because not only will she be able to help her employees make better food decisions, but she is now able to better protect the way her brand is viewed.

Fleet Tracking can help protect your brand too.

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