Rhino Fleet Tracking’s chairman, Jay Rodgers, just released his book, “Entrepreneurial Reflections: One Entrepreneur’s personal moments that will expand and change the way you think”.  Available from Amazon.

Most of our customers at Rhino Fleet Tracking are owners of businesses or manage businesses.  As such, I cannot recommend highly enough that you take the time to read this book!  If you are a customer, send me a request and I’ll pay the $2.99 for your Kindle copy.  It’s worth it.  If you’re not a customer yet but you are an entrepreneur, this is still very much worth your time and money.

In his book, Jay tells 52 stories. Each story is about 2 pages on average and gets quickly to the point of the story.

Entrepreneurial Reflections book

Jay discusses his approach to business and personal challenges as well as how he used unique approaches to capitalize on opportunities that many of us would never have considered achievable.

Most business books have 1 or 2 core points that the author (or the author’s ghost writer) spreads over 22 chapters.  Every story in this book is unique with a unique perspective.

My recommendation might seem self serving given our relationship with the author. I encourage you to ignore that possibility and take the time to read this book.


Steven Van Ooyen

CEO – Rhino Fleet Tracking