As Valentine’s Day approaches, we were reminded of an unfortunate love story that left two business owners without someone special to share flowers and chocolates with on this romantic day.

It all began when two young people decided to start a business together.   Working together, growing a business, and building something they could be proud of filled them both with excitement.   The Romance, camaraderie, friendship, and business were all flourishing, for a while.

Then one day,  something just seemed off.    The company vehicles were gone a lot but the company was not doing business that equated to how often the employees were utilizing the trucks.   In an effort to figure out what was happening, one of the business partners, unknown to the other partner, made a decision to invest in GPS Tracking to monitor where the trucks were going and when.      What she found was not only heartbreaking but financially devastating.    Unbeknownst to this young entrepreneur, her partner in business and life, had not only started a competing business but was using their joint company’s assets, equipment, and employees to build his own business.

This is not where her story would end.   GPS Fleet Tracking helped her minimize her business losses and realize she needed to end her tainted relationship.  We are happy to report she is still a customer and has successfully built her own empire!