The Old FMCSA HOS Rule – 2011

With the FMCSA ready to release the final electronic logbook mandate ruling on October 30, 2015, it seems like a good time to review the old rule.  On the FMCSA site, you find the following synopsis:

FMCSA revises the hours of service (HOS) regulations to limit the use of the 34-hour restart provision to once every 168 hours and to require that anyone using the 34-hour restart provision have as part of the restart two periods that include 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. It also includes a provision that allows truckers to drive if they have had a break of at least 30 minutes, at a time of their choosing, sometime within the previous 8 hours. 

Truck Driver Safety

This rule does not include a change to the daily driving limit because the Agency is unable to definitively demonstrate that a 10-hour limit–which it favored in the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM)–would have higher net benefits than an 11-hour limit. The current 11-hour limit is therefore unchanged at this time. The 60- and 70-hour limits are also unchanged. The purpose of the rule is to limit the ability of drivers to work the maximum number of hours currently allowed, or close to the maximum, on a continuing basis to reduce the possibility of driver fatigue. Long daily and weekly hours are associated with an increased risk of crashes and with the chronic health conditions associated with lack of sleep. These changes will affect only the small minority of drivers who regularly work the longer hours.

FMCSA HOS 34 Hour Reset Data

Highlights of the 2011 Hours of Service Rule

  • 11-Hour Daily Limit
  • No more than 8 consecutive hours of driving before taking a 30 minute break
  • No more than 14 hours of total on-duty time in a day
  • 10 hours of rest (off duty time) before starting a driving day
  • 34 Hour Restart for a 7 or 8 day driving “week”
  • Currently, only 1 1:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. period is required for a restart
  • 60 Hours in a 7 Day Week
  • Or 70 Hours in an 8 Day Week

What to Expect From the FMCSA

Most insiders seem to agree that the FMCSA will not make any unexpected changes to rule 395 or 395.15 on October 30, 2015.  So, rest easy.  There are multiple suppliers from which to choose.  That being said, waiting to pick an electronic logbook supplier could be a mistake as your drivers and fleet will need time to ensure the system is understood before abandoning your truck driver paper logbooks.