Date Mandate Event Details
12/18/2017 ELD Mandate Deadline All trucks or vehicles that were historically required to keep paper logs must have a compliance ELD system installed. This will become the official logbook going forward.
12/17/2017 Last Day to Install AOBRD system AOBRD devices are the “old” compliant electronic logbook systems. If your fleet or truck has an AOBRD system installed prior to the ELD mandate date, you may use that device for 2 years.
12/16/2019 Full ELD Compliance Date As of this date, all trucks that require logbooks must have a compliant ELD system install onboard.
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Certified ELD Devices and Service

Carriers and drivers that are required to keep logbooks must comply to the ELD rules. The list of compliant ELD devices and service are listed at

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has multiple tools to help select providers.

Rhino Fleet Tracking is in the final stages of registering and releasing its ELD system and should complete its certification soon.