Protecting the environment is extremely important to most people and a majority of business owners. Running an environmentally friendly business can be difficult and very expensive, especially if you have a mobile workforce.

Very few businesses can afford to regularly replace all of their vehicles with the most modern environmentally friendly models on the market. One of the least costly and most beneficial ways to improve your environmental impact and bottom line is through the use of fleet tracking.

Fleet tracking provides a wide variety of benefits that can help you protect the environment. Whether environmental protection is a key issue to you personally or something you want your business to represent, Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking solutions can get you real results. Here’s how:

Emissions Reduction

Fleet tracking can help you achieve lower vehicle emissions in a number of ways. First, tracking will help you maximize your fleet’s routing and travel efficiency. This will result in reduced mileage and time on the road, which subsequently reduces fuel usage and emissions released.

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Second, fleet tracking provides you with a platform to better track vehicle maintenance schedules. When your vehicles are well maintained and have their engine and oil checked regularly, the vehicle will drive more smoothly, use fuel more efficiently, and produce fewer emissions.

In addition to the environmental benefits, all of these actions can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line by reducing your fuel costs and avoiding costly repairs that result from missed scheduled maintenance and oil changes.

Idle Reduction

Fleet tracking allows you to monitor your vehicles’ idle time. Idling vehicles burn fuel and give off pollutants the same way moving vehicles do. By monitoring idle time, you can identify employees that are prone to leaving their vehicles idling. This provides an opportunity to train them on better procedures to limit this activity.

Reducing idling will diminish the quantity of dangerous particles released into the air by a vehicle. These particles can have severe adverse effects on humans and particularly children. If a vehicle is idling near a building, such as your office or a customer’s home or place of business, these particles can potentially enter the building through open doors, windows, and air intakes.

Idling also wastes fuel and can actually be more harmful to a vehicle than normal operation. Most newer vehicles do not need to be “warmed up” by idling in cold weather the same way they were in previous years. In fact, warming up only takes 3-5 minutes and running the engine at low speed can cause up to twice the wear and tear on the engine compared to running the engine at full speed.

You can learn more about the hazards of excessive idling from the EPA here.

Go Green to Earn More Green

Running an environmentally friendly company can have major business benefits. In addition to savings you can achieve through lower fuel expenses and lower maintenance costs, you can also tout your environmental awareness as a positive attribute of your brand. This can make your business much more appealing to climate-conscious consumers that are seeking a provider that shares their values.

Do your part to protect the environment by implementing fleet tracking on your vehicles today and help preserve the planet for future generations.

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