Small businesses are the pride of Main Street America and many say the life-blood of our economy. They’re held together in communities across our nation by good, honest, hard working families, and it is particularly heartbreaking and painful when crime affects them and their ability to conduct business.

Such was the case in October 2015, when a truck and loaded trailer owned by Denton, Texas-based small business, Classic Landscape and Maintenance, was stolen. In less than a minute, thieves hot-wired the truck and drove away, taking more than $30,000 worth of equipment.

Owner Kevin Underwood took the obvious steps of replacing the lost equipment so he could continue to operate his business. However, he went one step further – – he decided to contact Rhino Fleet Tracking (RFT) so going forward he could track and monitor equipment critical to his business. He would know all-too-soon what a great decision that was to become.

equipment tracking device

On January 8, 2016, just weeks after replacing all of his stolen equipment, thieves again hit Classic’s truck and trailer, and in less than a minute it was gone again. But this time a Rhino Fleet Tracking wireless device was hidden from the thieves, constantly reporting its location. Mr. Underwood and the customer service team at Rhino were able to direct police every step of the way. They followed the thief to a storage location where the police discovered loads and loads of stolen equipment, including some of the exact pieces taken from Classic Landscape weeks earlier!

“I am so pleased with Rhino Fleet Tracking,” states Mr. Underwood. “Their people went above-and-beyond and their system saved me thousands. These types of theft seem a low priority to local police and if it weren’t for Rhino I would never have recovered my equipment.” With such an affordable solution it’s fair to say Classic Landscape has achieved its ROI………perhaps for the next hundred years or more. “I’ve become such a fan, and now a life-long customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking,” concluded Mr. Underwood.