Cracked Car WindshieldWe all know how important it is to have trust in your employees, especially when they spend hours or days away from any supervision while driving company vehicles, representing the company’s brand. A construction client of ours originally purchased fleet tracking devices to help with payroll – by ensuring logged hours were accurate compared to hours logged by the GPS – and to stay in-touch with workers while they are on the go in case they needed anything. Since the beginning he has been very pleased with his service.

One day he received a call, probably on his ‘How’s my Driving?’ hotline, that said loose rocks coming from one of his dump trucks caused a woman’s windshield to crack and break. How terrifying!

The man asked where it had happened and couldn’t understand how his construction truck could have broken a windshield near a school area when it was supposed to be between unloading and picking up the next load. He apologized to the woman, offered to help with costs and began his research.

Remembering he had a GPS tracker on his truck, he opened his dashboard to find his truck was exactly where the woman said, now parked at a school, instead of at the site.

Shocked his truck wasn’t where it was supposed to be, he called his employee to find that the employee was at a dance recital in the middle of his shift, on company time. In disbelief, the owner asked the employee to return to the site and finish the workday.

While we don’t know what happened next, oftentimes we find customers who find value out of vehicle/asset tracking that they never thought they would.

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