While it may not seem like it has the potential to impact your bottom line, the reality is that the cost of excessively idling vehicles can actually add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars each and every year. As you know, in business, time truly is money.

That time your vehicle is sitting idle is also potentially time that your driver and other employees are not working. Time theft is a real concern that many small business owners must contend with. Those idling vehicles can often mean that you have idle employees.

With the integration of a GPS fleet tracking system, you’ll be able to learn where you have the potential for time theft so that you can implement prevention methods.

idle times gps fleet tracker

Loss of Fuel

The loss of fuel that is spent running your fleet vehicles while they are idling can also quickly add up. Beyond that, you may also face the potential for costly fines from local and state law enforcement, as idling is a serious violation in many states across the country. Be sure to verify what the local and state idling laws are in your area. In the state of New York, for instance, you may face fines up to $18,000 for a first violation.

Texas: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/airquality/mobilesource/vehicleidling.html)

California: https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/truck-idling/factsheet.pdf)

NY: https://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/8585.html

Excessive idling can also contribute to wear and tear on your vehicles. You can see your costs climbing as you find yourself spending more to maintain the vehicles in your fleet. Excessively idling impacts oil and oil filter life, causing the vehicle to require more frequent oil changes, and puts unnecessary strain on the engine.

Perhaps one of the greatest areas of concern is the environmental impact that unnecessary and excessive idling can have. The pollution and carbon dioxide emitted, in addition to the wasted fuel, all contribute to environmental degradation.

How can GPS Fleet Tracking Help?

Our real-time GPS tracking and asset monitoring solutions can provide you with accurate and reliable reports to help you best manage your business and your fleet. Reduce the impact that idling can have on your bottom line, and on the environment. Call us at 800-293-0420 today to find a solution that will best suit your business needs.