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4 Stories of Recovered Equipment Through GPS Tracking

Every once in a while, we like to recap some of the stories of recovered cars, trucks, or equipment reported by our fleet tracking customers.  Despite how long we have done this, we still get jazzed by hearing the grateful stories of recovery by our customers.

Here are a few newer stories:

Vehicle Tracker Helps Recover Limousine in Las Vegas

Certain things seem more likely to be stolen than others. For instance, a generic car or pickup blends in easily and no one takes notice.  However, a limousine seems like a tough thing to steal and hide.  But, if you are in Las Vegas, a stolen limousine doesn’t necessarily stick out.  With hundreds of black car services and limousines throughout the city, the opportunity to steal one and use it for business might seem reasonable.  Fortunately for our fleet tracking customer, the concealed GPS tracking device in his limousine allowed him to send the police to recover his stolen limousine within minutes of realizing it had been stolen.  Using our fleet tracking system with Google Maps, our customer was able to pinpoint, within a matter of feet, the location of the limousine and make a speedy recovery with no damage to the vehicle.

Trailer Full of Copper Wire Recovered on the Road with Asset Tracking Device

We have several customers who use 3rd party shippers to transport goods across the country. Everyone knows that copper is extremely expensive and makes a great target for thieves. As such, our customer was tracking their shipment as it went across the country.  The driver reported that, somehow, his load was stolen from him at a truck stop.  Upon notification, our customer logged in and found the GPS tracking device a few miles away.  Our customer service team was able to assist the officers and navigate them directly to the stolen trailer and wire.

Bobcat Recovered via GPS Tracking

Construction customers are always concerned about stolen tools and equipment.  You see equipment hanging from cranes at night on construction sites.  You see heavy equipment parked in front of container doors to make that tougher.  But, it is smaller equipment that is most commonly stolen.  Outside my window now, there is a Bobcat moving dirt and shaping a drainage ditch. Looking at it, I have no idea if that piece of equipment is stolen and there is no probable cause for a police officer to check it.  As such, if it is stolen, its owner will almost certainly never locate it.  However, with our customer, who had his GPS tracking device concealed within the frame of the Bobcat tractor, he was able to recover his stolen property within two hours.

Battery Powered Asset Tracker to Recover Tractor

It would seem that chaining a tractor to building would be a reasonable way to stop a thief, except that thieves have tools…  So, when our customer’s customer secured a rented backhoe to a building, it wasn’t long before the Texas based renter reported the tractor stolen.  The thieves, headed for Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, were quite surprised to be pulled over by police after our customer alerted them of the location and travel pattern the stolen backhoe was taking.

Based on past history, we believe that only about 15% of the recovered goods and equipment are reported to us. It is good to know our GPS tracking and fleet tracking devices are being put to good use and are saving our customers, at times, thousands of dollars in insurance deductibles, hard costs, and insurance premium increases.