What To Tell Employees When Adding Fleet Tracking

We often hear the question from employers about to add GPS tracking to their fleet, “What if my good people rebel and leave us over fleet tracking?”  I usually relay the truth I’ve seen over and over, “I have yet to hear of a truly good employee leaving a company because of the implementation of Fleet Tracking.”

We’ve heard plenty of stories of employees quitting when the fleet is equipped with GPS tracking, but, whether immediately known or later discovered, the vacating employees are never actually “good”.  In fact, the employees who leave are usually saving the company a load of money and paperwork by exiting cleanly.

What happens most often is that the good and faithful employees might get their feathers ruffled for a little bit but then realize that they were being held back and used by those troubled employees and they then welcome tracking.  Yes, they might have to change how they do things a bit, but they figure out how to work within the new system.

Take a look at the infographic below.  It has some helpful tips.

fleet tracking how to tell employees