car on beach sand

Do you ever wish you could just get away for a few days? Maybe go on a road trip to the beach? Most people like to take vacation days during the summer but one of Rhino’s clients found out they were facilitating more than just the days!

Our customer logged into their account one Friday morning and saw one of their trucks had started early that day.  Normally this wouldn’t raise any red flags but the person who had that particular truck was on vacation.

It was still in the same town where the driver lived so the owner didn’t think much of it.  Maybe he was using the truck for a quick errand; something he wasn’t supposed to do, but ultimately not the end of the world.

Later that day he received an alert on his phone that the same truck was exceeding the speed limit.  This time, the alert had an address over 150 miles away! Worried the vehicle had been stolen he pulled up the Application on his phone to see where the vehicle was going.  When he saw it on the map, he realized exactly what happened.

The driver who was on vacation had been bragging all week about his beach vacation he was going on. Sure enough, the path of the vehicle was headed straight towards Florida.

So, instead of calling the driver he just watched and collected all the information he could.  He called us for help downloading reports he could print to add to the employees file when confronting him.

From the driver’s perspective this story may not have a happy ending, but the business owner felt empowered and safe knowing exactly what was happening to his company vehicles!

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