It’s easy to think that GPS fleet tracking is only truly valuable for a workforce that’s constantly on the move, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For businesses with many stationary assets such as construction companies, GPS fleet tracking can be a great way to ensure that your vehicles never leave the job site, are in use only when they are expected to be, and if the time comes when a vehicle or piece of equipment goes missing, your GPS trackers can help you track it down.

Not Just About Tracking Movement

Many construction company operators don’t think of what they have as a fleet, but rather tools or equipment assigned to do a specific job at one location for long periods of time.

Even if you don’t need tracking for the purposes of route management, driver safety verification or to measure hours worked like many fleet managers, having tracking devices on your assets can still be hugely valuable.

GPS trackers have a great deal of functionality that can be used with heavy equipment, and quality GPS tracking software like the software we provide at Rhino Fleet Tracking will collect all of that powerful data and provide easy-to-read reports to help you make sense of it all. For example, for vehicles/equipment with a power takeoff or PTO, we have the Switches report which will tell you every time a switch was triggered. This can help you know if you have any assets on a job site that are going completely unused – or being used inappropriately. The Ignition On/Off report can provide you similar information.

Switches Report

Another valuable report is the Services report. This allows you to keep track of the last time that your asset was serviced, what the service was, and you can even set alerts for yourself to let you know when another service is coming due. This way, if your asset is located at a far-away job site or in a difficult climate, you can make sure that it is receiving the service and maintenance that it requires to continue operating smoothly.

Services Report

When the Unthinkable Happens

Finally, perhaps the greatest value of GPS tracking: locating your vehicles or equipment if they are lost or stolen. Even if the thieves have the wherewithal to remove your tracking device immediately after the theft, having the asset’s most recent location can be invaluable to law enforcement as they track down the perpetrators. Even if your equipment is insured, there is a great deal of time and paperwork (read: hassle!) that comes with filing insurance claims and replacing the asset. And that doesn’t even account for the lost productive hours for not having the asset at the jobsite where it is needed!

The peace of mind provided by construction fleet tracking is priceless. Save yourself time and money by tracking all of your vehicles and equipment today.

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