How GPS Tracking Your Fleet Can Protect Your Small Business’ Brand

A few years ago, I met the owner of a local HVAC company who told me a story that some might find funny.  However, for a business owner with a reputation, it was anything but funny.

He told me that the weekend before, he received a call from one of his customers at about 2:00 AM.  He asked, “Do you know where all of your trucks are right now?”  My new friend could only reply that he was not sure.  His customer said, “I know where one is.  I just saw it when I passed by a gentlemen’s club in Dallas.”

My new friend, who has worked hard to maintain a family-friendly brand, was mortified.  Further, without a picture or any kind of proof, he had a real challenge when he confronted his employee the following Monday at the office.  He has since added fleet tracking to his entire fleet of trucks.  He has yet to receive a call anything like this one and has quickly dealt with issues long before customers notice them.

When a school bus wasn’t used to pick up kids…

Another instance came up with an existing customer located in Massachusetts.   I heard about this story a year or so after the fact.  Our customer received an alert in the middle of the night that one of their vehicles was moving.  When our customer tracked the vehicle, there was certainly no good reason it should be out.  They called the police and asked them to let them know what they observed.  The police quickly found the vehicle exactly where the GPS tracking service said it was located.  What shocked our customer was what the police relayed to them.

Instead of immediately apprehending the suspect, the police followed the vehicle to a few locations.  At each stop, the driver would open the door and let in someone.  After a period of time, the would-be passenger would step off and leave.  The drive would then find a new location and a new visitor.  When the police had seen enough, they approached the vehicle and apprehended the driver and his passenger who was riding along the entire time.

Come to find out, the driver was an employee and the passenger a prostitute servicing clients ON A YELLOW SCHOOL BUS!

I’ll ask again. It’s 2:00AM, do you know where your drivers are? 

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