Orientation PictureHiring and training a new employee can be a time intensive process.  Finding the time to sit down and really teach someone all the ins and outs of a new job can be especially difficult.

One customer with a rapidly growing team needed a little help getting everyone trained and ready to manage their fleet so they turned to us.

Rhino Fleet Tracking offers personalized, over the phone, training sessions for our product and software. Many clients take advantage of this in the first few weeks with the system, but one customer has made the Orientation part of their on-boarding process.

Whether there is a group of new hires or an individual, they schedule a time to talk to our Customer Experience team and learn everything they need to know about the software.  This allows new employees to immediately jump into their job with all the information they need to start verifying time sheets and dispatching techs to their job sites.

A quick, 30-minute orientation sets them up for success and gives the manager peace of mind knowing they are truly getting the most value out of Rhino Fleet Tracking!

Schedule your orientation with our Customer Experience team today!

Don’t quite have time for a phone call? We also offer the Orientation in a video format that you can refer back to whenever you need!

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