Check Engine Light

Fleet tracking isn’t as simple as plugging in a device to the vehicle and seeing where your fleet is located. Well, it is that simple to plug in, but the data can help save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. You can see where your assets are, you can view speed as well as monitor poor driving habits, even track if a door is being opened, the list goes on.  

Rhino Fleet Tracking customers also use our app to maintain the health of their vehicles and cut maintenance costs by staying ahead of the game. 

There are regular vehicle maintenance features available in the “Service” tab of our dashboard, where you can monitor or update lots of different vehicle maintenance options ranging from inspections to oil changes, to engine tune-ups or brake replacements.  

You can view all these services, and many more, for each one of your vehicles all in one place. 

Want to guarantee you don’t underutilize a vehicle in your fleet? With our vehicle rotation option, we will track it for you! Allowing you to see your most used vehicles, or ones with the most traveled miles, and indicating which vehicles should be used more. 

This feature is great for larger fleets, especially if you have multiple drivers but one driver regularly driving longer distances than the others. Save costs and decrease the overall wear and tear on your vehicle by having drivers switch vehicles – naturally this will increase the longevity of all your vehicles. 

Not for you? Don’t fret… the best part of Rhino Fleet Tracking is the customizability. We can accommodate anything specific to your vehicle, or tractor, or commercial truck needs… all you have to do is ask! 

Do you know everything our powerful app can do for you? If not, schedule a demo today!