Another Vehicle & Expensive Piece of Equipment Recovered with GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

This just in: another Rhino Fleet Tracking customer is thankful they had GPS Fleet Tracking services on their company vehicles after one of their service trucks carrying high dollar welding equipment was stolen in Dallas, Texas.

A customer providing metal work services utilizes OBD II trackers to track their fleet of trucks carrying welding equipment. On Thursday, the office received notification that the truck had been stolen. The fleet manager immediately accessed the Rhino Fleet Tracking dashboard application to pull up the map showing all of their company vehicles. The thieves pulled the OBD II plug-in tracker from the truck and tossed it outside. However, the fleet manager was able to provide police with the location where the tracking device last reported. This information was critical to police finding the stolen truck, as they found the truck not far from where the tracking device had last located. Upon arrival to the scene, the thieves were stopped and minutes away from removing and taking off with the high priced welding equipment in another vehicle.

GPS Fleet Tracking: 1
Thieves: 0

We hear stories like this often from our customers. In these situations, when the OBD II GPS tracking device is pulled from a vehicle by employees or thieves, the fleet managers can be alerted immediately via text or email. Having this quick response increases the probability of the police successfully recovering the stolen vehicles and equipment. Of course, we do have another option where tracking devices are installed beneath the dash and hidden from sight.

This customer is thankful that they had their tracking device installed and that they were proactive about protecting their assets. They are even now considering adding asset trackers on their welding equipment to protect and minimize the risk of their equipment being stolen in the future.

Could this be your company? Don’t wait until it happens – be proactive. Our monthly GPS fleet tracking service fees are a low $16.95 per vehicle. Call us today at 1-800-293-0420 to start the conversation about how we can help you with your fleet tracking needs.

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UPDATE: Another stolen vehicle, two weeks later. Recovered Again.

Wouldn’t you know it, just two weeks after this story was published, the same company had yet another vehicle stolen. Thanks to the immediate alert the fleet manager received, the stolen property was quickly recovered.