Owners of landscaping, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing, construction, and similar construction/building services businesses almost always find that GPS tracking of their fleets produces the greatest savings in labor.  You might expect that fuel would be a greater savings, but the fact is labor is more expensive than fuel.
gps tracking for time sheets, electronic time sheets

So, how do you get the maximum labor savings from GPS tracking?

Use GPS tracking to produce time sheets for your employees!

Here is how to create a time sheet using Rhino Fleet Tracking data:

  1. Install GPS tracking devices in each vehicle (OBD II or hardwired tracking devices will suffice).
  2. Weekly (or on whatever schedule you normally accept and process time sheets), run an Hours of Operation report for your fleet.  This will give you the start and stop times for the day.  If you pay upon arrival at the first stop to departure at the last stop, you may choose to use our Stops report instead (our Customer Service representatives can help you determine which).
  3. PRODUCE THE TIME SHEETS FOR THE EMPLOYEES – This is critical!  In the past, you might have allowed the employee to create a time sheet and you verified it.  That left you, the employer, in a position of having to disprove the word of your employee.  That’s never good for employee morale – even with good employees.
  4. Share the times sheet with each employee and invite them to verify the hours.
  5. If the employee identifies no issues, have the employee sign it.
  6. Pay promptly!

There are very few employers without experience of someone adding “fluff” to a time sheet.  We have a dozens of customers that we know use this method of time sheet creation and are saving tons of money doing so.

Great success and savings to you!