Fuel Card IntegrationWorried about increasing fuel costs and the efficiency of your fleet? Great news! Rhino Fleet Tracking now integrates with ExxonMobil and WEX Fuel Cards!

Adding a fuel card to your Rhino Fleet Tracking account will save both time and money by displaying maintenance/fueling costs all on one dashboard. You can use reports to manage all your vehicle-related expenses and to plan your fleet budget to get an accurate outlook on future vehicle costs.

Whether you’re looking to add a ExxonMobil card to your Rhino Fleet Tracking account or looking to start tracking your fuel savings with ExxonMobil/WEX, you’ll find new and added benefits for your business.

If you are already using an ExxonMobil or WEX card, some benefits include:

Fuel Savings – When you purchase fuel at an Exxon or Mobil location, you receive up to $0.08 off each gallon of fuel you purchase in the first year. From year two forward, your savings are around $0.05 off per gallon.

Reports – Get real-time alerts on employee spending along with location data.

Maintenance – Easily view fuel, location, and maintenance reports all in one location.

Management – Online and Mobile account management services.

Ease of Use – Simple transition to getting your fuel card integrated with Rhino Fleet Tracking today.

If you do not have a Fuel Card, it can help you to:

Calculate Fuel Costs – Easily calculate your cost-per-mile using a fuel card. You’ll have fuel cost information, gallons of fuel, and mileage driven all in one location for easy reference.

Set Limits – Use limits and exceptions for monitoring fuel costs. Get alerts for employees overspending.

Throw Away Receipts – No pesky receipts to keep track of. All your purchase information will be stored for you to easily access online or on mobile.

Budget – Use Fleet Tracking and ExxonMobil/WEX fuel card to budget for the future and know exactly how much you want to spend on fuel each day, month, year.

Use Worldwide – You can use your ExxonMobil fuel card at any of the 11,500+ locations worldwide and WEX card at nearly 95% of U.S fuel stations. No need to worry about searching around for a compatible station.

Integrating a fuel card is another way that you can use Fleet Tracking to save your business time, money and better your bottom line. Rhino Fleet Tracking is here to help!

If you already have a ExxonMobil or WEX fuel card or you are looking to get one integrated with your account, please call Rhino Fleet Tracking at 800-293-0420 today.

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