Stolen Vehicle Recovery with Rhino Fleet Tracking Services

We have many stories of recovered vehicles thanks to our GPS fleet tracking services. In our first month of tracking, we found a car taken without permission from the Dallas, Texas area and driven 4 hours away to Austin, Texas. A month later, one of our customers called for assistance in tracking down one of its work trucks that had been stolen by a disgruntled employee. In this particular case, the worker was apprehended with the vehicle after our customer called police and assisted in the stopping of the vehicle. So, it’s no surprise when we hear vehicle recovery stories of company trucks or cars.

Limo-less in Las Vegas

What did surprise us was when one of our Las Vegas limousine customers called for assistance locating a stolen limousine. For specific reasons, the customer was unable to access their account and needed our 24/7 phone support. Within a few minutes, we were able to direct the customer to the exact parking spot behind the Luxor Casino in Vegas where the vehicle was located. With the backup keys in hand, the customer reclaimed their vehicle and was back making money with it again in no time.

Liquid Courage + Unattended Limousine

Another time, that same customer’s driver left a limousine unattended with the engine running outside of another casino. This is somewhat common in Las Vegas as the daytime temperatures are well over 100 degrees in the summer and limousine companies are conscious that their customers do not want to ride in a 140-degree limousine. However, the common practice is to retain the key FOB and keep the doors to the limousine locked. It was a young man filled with liquid courage and a lot of Las Vegas influence that stole this limousine and drove it around the Las Vegas Strip. Once the driver admitted that he failed to secure his limousine and it was stolen, it only took minutes for the police to apprehend the first time limousine driver and return the limousine to its rightful owner.

Normally, fleet tracking is of greatest benefit to reduce labor costs, increase workforce productivity, and to deliver better service. But, there are cases where fleet tracking will pay for itself for years when a stolen vehicle is recovered quickly without damage.

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