“If you want to be surprised on a regular basis, just make a habit of talking to people.”  Steven Van Ooyen – CEO – Rhino Fleet Tracking

church van gps tracking

One of the most entertaining elements of the fleet tracking business is hearing what employees have done in company vehicles.  We have stories of employees taking company vehicles and using them to transport and hire out prostitutes.  We have stories of people stealing clothing donation bins.  We have stories of maintenance workers for a school district spending 37 hours of a 40 hour work week parked in a field doing absolutely NOTHING.  Humans are truly amazing in what they are willing to do in company vehicles.

But this one was one of the most amazing.  A few weeks ago, a prospective customer (now a customer) called to tells us the reason they needed a GPS tracking solution immediately.  This customer is the pastor of a church “up North” as we say here in the South.  The pastor received a call from an unknown caller one evening and it went a little something like this…

Caller: “Pastor John, where are you?
Pastor John: “I’m at my home.  Why?”
Caller: “Well, Pastor John, I was driving down a road in a certain part of town and noticed the church van was parked outside a strip club.
Pastor John: (after a long pause and a moment to collect himself), “Are you certain?”
Caller: “I’ll send you a picture.”
Pastor John: “Thank you very much.  I won’t tell your wife.”  ** That last line was just for fun and not part of the real story.

You can imagine the horror Pastor John felt.  I’m sure he had a very awkward conversation later that evening with a trusted person who is no longer trusted. Hopefully, he will never have to do that again.