Swim at your own risk

A pool cleaning service using Rhino Fleet Tracking software to keep up with their trucks and equipment recently encountered issues with their employees.

The business often serves customers on a repeating schedule, so the employees get pretty familiar with the routes and locations they service. Once finished with their routes for the day the employees take their trucks home with them.

One morning upon checking her email, this fleet manager noticed that she had an Afterhours alert for one of her vehicles, indicating her vehicle had been used outside of business hours. She thought nothing of it but checked the online dashboard to be sure.

The vehicle not only turned on during the night but was moved and parked outside of a residence for more than two hours.

When checking the address, the fleet manager found that her employee had stopped at the residence of one of their repeat customers, one who was gone on vacation for the week, so no one was home.

The home was locked, and the owner didn’t think her employee would be breaking and entering…so she confronted him about visiting a residence after hours.

Embarrassed, the employee tried to lie but finally admitted he was SWIMMING in the pool late at night with friends, knowing the owners wouldn’t catch them.

The manager had her suspicions about this individual prior to getting Rhino Fleet Tracking, but this was the evidence she needed to back up her suspicions and fire him.

Whether it’s improving operations or getting rid of poor employees, Rhino Fleet Tracking always helps your business better its bottom line.

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