Let’s talk about remote workers.

As businesses, we often glance over the expenses from remote workers and assume that cost is what it costs. No matter the fluctuation in cost, it’s too easy to sign off and never look more into it.

There’s a reason that every new business that starts tracking sees a decrease in spend the first month. A decrease that continues until the business stabilizes in its more cost-effective budget.

What’s the reason? Why is every mobile fleet overspending?

Driver Behavior.


Which Driver Habits Are Wasting Money?


Speeding is a problem everywhere. Drivers are tired and moody after spending long days on the road and they want to get to the next location.

That’s no excuse to speed. Speeding, especially for lengthy periods of time, means endangering those around you. It also means burning extra fuel due to lack of planning.

Fast Acceleration / Harsh Braking

Accelerating quickly and braking abruptly are usually signs of “oh crap!” moments, or distracted driving. Those who are paying attention on the roads don’t have any need to brake harshly.

Distracted driving is putting everyone on the roads in danger, not just your driver.

Your vehicles aren’t meant to be jerking back and forth, it should be a smooth ride. You know what your drivers should be doing, so talk to them about it before something preventable happens.

Excessive Idling

According to the government’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, excessive idling decreases your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Getting lower MPG means your drivers are stopping at the gas station more often. It doesn’t look like anything happened when you look at the fuel report, but it’s obvious with a fleet management software.

What Can You Do To Improve Driver Behavior?

Implement a GPS Tracking Solution

GPS Tracking Devices are the easiest way to get the information you need to make informed decisions about your remote workers. Set up alerts to minimize the poor habits that your drivers have exhibited in the past.

Alerts notify you of things like accelerating too quickly, and braking harshly. Pertinent information for having conversations with drivers about safety and habits on the road.

With Rhino Fleet Tracking, the data is stored for 365 days so you can go back and get a true idea of what’s transpired. See what behaviors are trendy for your drivers.

Leverage Fleet Tracking Data

Our GPS Tracking Software allows you to record the following data and more:

  • Trip Duration
  • Prolonged Stops
  • Excessive Idling
  • Maintenance
  • Acceleration habits
  • Optimal traffic route

Using this information could be key to helping your business save money and improve driver habits that are currently costing you.

It’s time to stop being comfortable thinking you know everything that’s best for your business and get a solution that gives you the data to prove it.

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