We know there are many industries out there that rent valuable equipment to people to be returned later to the owner. Each new use is another customer that comes with their own worries and liabilities.

Our customers in industries like this – industrial, vehicle renting, etc, – benefit greatly from tracking because their renters can’t get away with anything without them knowing.

Now, leasing their equipment means they do not worry if it will be returned on time, and if the users are breaking their rules. They have all the information in front of them. It’s your asset, you should track it.

Whether a vehicle or equipment, it’s imperative that you use a solution that helps you see how your assets are being used. Continue reading for more information.

Handed the keys

Using GPS Tracking to Track Rented Equipment

You can use battery-powered or powered asset trackers and our fleet management software to track your heavy-duty equipment. Keep up with your powerless equipment and even trailers for the following benefits:

  • Monitor where your equipment is going throughout the day and ensure it is never removed from the agreed area.
  • Keep documented proof and data as to what people are doing with your equipment.
  • Use geofencing to receive alerts for your equipment being misused in any way.
  • Easily track inventory in one place and prevent theft. You’ll immediately know when something goes missing.

Using GPS Tracking to Track Rental Vehicles

Renting out vehicles is an absolute indicator that you’ll want to use a fleet management system. Immediately after installing their vehicle tracking devices, our customers saw a return on their purchase. Things like:

  • Monitor location and mileage, so you know where your vehicles are. Ensure your vehicle remains in the area of your agreement.
  • Monitor wear and tear on your vehicles. Easily tell which is your most popular vehicle and allocate different vehicles for them to be used more often.
  • Use fleet tracking telematics to maintain vehicle health, so even as your vehicles change drivers you know what service needs to be done and when.
  • Prevent vehicle theft or grand theft auto by having a GPS tracking system notify you when your vehicles are on the move after hours.
  • Easily manage your entire fleet of vehicles in one location. Doesn’t matter if that means one vehicle or 100. It will all be in one place.

Our goal is to help fleet tracking users best understand their service so that they can utilize tracking to its full potential. Have any questions about what tracking can do for you? Get in touch with Rhino Fleet Tracking today.