Accident AheadWhen deciding to get a fleet tracking service for their business, most businesses look to prove where their vehicles are on a regular basis.  For one customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking proving where his vehicle WASN’T turned out to be equally important.

One afternoon Brian, the business owner, received a call no one wants to receive.  The local police department called to investigate an accident where a bystander reported one of his fleet trucks had been the cause.

The report claimed that his truck was seen driving recklessly which resulted in several cars being involved in an accident.  Not only that, they accused him of failing to stop after the accident occurred.

One detail didn’t make any sense to Brian, the location of the incident.  The reported location was nowhere near where his drivers were supposed to be.

Ready for the worst, he called Rhino Fleet Tracking for help pulling location reports for his trucks.  The reports showed that none of his trucks were anywhere near the location at the time the accident occurred!

He quickly downloaded the reports and sent them over to the officer, exonerating his drivers and his business.

Though he never found out why the bystander claimed it was his truck, Brian was grateful he had tracking to prove his trucks weren’t the cause of the accident.

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