Red tractor in a field

Farming Made Efficient With GPS Tracking

GPS technology is about efficiency, whether it’s for operating businesses, researching different species of animals, or saving people time at the bus stop. We enjoy finding stories in which GPS tracking is being used in new ways to help people efficiently do what they need to do.

For instance, a group of farmers recently shared their story on how GPS tracking technology has helped them run their farm more efficiently, saving them time, money and energy.

Farmers have always had a tough career. As one farmer recalls, many of them have relied on using pack-mules in the early stages of farming, but he was able to adjust to the adaptation of better farming equipment such as John Deere tractors and different types of fertilizers.

Now the farmers are making the switch to GPS technology as the next step. And while some of the older farmers have a difficult time grasping the technology, they can rest easy knowing that the younger generations seem capable of wisely using it.

Although adapting to GPS tracking had a somewhat steep initial cost for the farmers, they have already started to see a return on their investment.

Some farmers noted that GPS tracking technology has helped them accomplish more tasks in their day without feeling exhausted. “Today, you can plant all day from sun up until sundown and it is not as taxing on you,” one farmer said.

Other farmers have claimed that GPS technology has actually allowed them to increase crop yields. “The yield monitor in the cotton picker allows you to see what each part of the field is doing, whether it is doing better or one sector is doing a lot better…You are able to see the soil salinity of that section by using that information.”

Learn more about the rest of the farmers stories, and you’ll find out how this tracking technology has proven to be a beneficial resource to covering more acres. GPS tracking technology has more than returned the farmers’ costs, and we’re sure that it can help you and your business as well.

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