diesel gps tracking

Recently, American Trucking Association President and CEO, Bill Graves, testified before Congress speaking very frankly regarding Congress’ need to take action.

President Graves, who is a third generation trucker, states that the ATA is willing to back any multi-year solution the committee devises but advocates an increase in the fuel use tax over other options.

Other options that have been proposed include toll roads (please no!), installing GPS trackers in every citizen’s car and tracking the miles driven, and passing the responsibility on to the states.

A top reason the interstate highway was first built was for mobility of troops within the US. This is still of high consideration, but trade and commerce as well as the mobility of all Americans to travel this country via our roads is still a primary catalyst to the American lifestyle.  This summer, families traveled countless miles between our states to find beaches.  In a few months, families will travel interstate highways to ski our mountains and, in between, they will find places to camp on our rivers and lakes.

I have to agree with President Graves that action must be taken soon for both the safety and longevity of our great country.