You don’t need to be a business owner to know it’s devastating to walk outside and see your property gone – stolen.

But like this business owner, in the moments you discover your vehicle is missing and there are 100 questions running through your mind, there’s no question more important than, ‘How can I get my property back?’

We have the answer: GPS fleet tracking

4:15am on June 1st, 2020 a patient care facility had a vehicle stolen from their fleet.

The fleet manager came to work early that morning, not long after the theft had occurred, to discover someone had driven away with one of the vehicles from the facility.

He knew he only had trackers on two of his eight vehicles – with the police already on the phone he immediately called us.

Megan, a technical support specialist, quickly responded to the call. The missing vehicle, thankfully, was one of the two that had an installed GPS tracking device, our wired-in device.

On their fleet dashboard she saw that the vehicle turned on at 4:15am and started driving around the city.

It was still going as she watched!

She and the fleet manager watched as the car moved from place to place, stopping briefly and then starting again at multiple locations. Each new address available as the device continued to relay its location.

Mirror Police

All the while, the local police were on the line with them getting turn by turn directions.

Then, the device finally stopped moving and a few minutes passed by. The Cops were in close pursuit of the thieves.

They caught them. The police recovered the vehicle, undamaged, from two 15-year-old boys.

Everyone exhaled the breath they had been holding – relief.

The next call with the fleet manager was to equip the rest of their vehicles with GPS tracking. He ran the risk and barely skated by. What would they have done if any of the other vehicles were stolen?

Don’t leave it up to dumb luck. Get a solution that protects your vehicles and property better than anything else. Call Rhino Fleet Tracking.