at the bar

One of our customers, who we won’t disclose at this time, started with fleet tracking because she simply wanted to know the location of her vehicles. She had a vehicle stolen in the past and wanted to ensure that didn’t happen again.

We gave her basic tracking and introduced her to some features that she would find useful, but for the most part she was self-sufficient from the day she installed her trackers.

She trusted her drivers, but one day noticed a few of her vehicles got together for lunch in a part of town that was exclusively bars.

One by one she watched them leave to their next job site but was unsure how to address what they had been doing previously.

She monitored their habits for the rest of the week before giving us a call to see what she could do.

Geofencing was her best bet.

Any user can use geofencing to create a ‘digital fence’ around any location they want to monitor. We geofenced the bar area for her and let her know she would be alerted any time they went to that location during normal business hours.

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The first few weeks after helping her with geofencing she realized her employees frequented the bars during lunch.

After collecting the information she needed, she had a conversation with her employees about waiting till after their shifts to drink, even if they just had a drink or two.

It’s safe to say they don’t drink on the job anymore.

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