Fleet Management for Emergency Services

Specifically for our First Responders, there’s no time to waste when you’re on the job. A few minutes makes a huge difference in a life-threatening situation. No matter what type of vehicle you’re dispatching, it’s imperative to do so in a timely manner.

A GPS Fleet Tracking System allows your dispatcher to keep an eye out for the closest Responder to an event and dispatch them immediately, with ease.

Leveraging a fleet tracking solution is a way you can streamline dispatching and optimize the time spent reacting to emergencies.

into the ambulance

Furthermore, fleet tracking is a way you can guarantee all of your government vehicles are being used appropriately. The GPS Tracking software you choose from will determine which features your business gets access to.

Continue reading, we’re going to explore what features can serve you best.

The Benefits of Using a GPS Tracking Solution for Emergency or Police Vehicles

Live Location Tracking: This may be a no-brainer, but it really is the essence of using a fleet GPS tracking system. Police vehicles need every advantage they can get to an emergency as quickly as possible.

For other First Responders, there’s no time to wait. The comfort of looking on a map and seeing your truck is 1 mile away from an emergency is unparalleled. In a matter of seconds, you can dispatch that exact vehicle and get an optimal route plan.

Then, if backup vehicles are needed, you can easily see who is the closest and makes the most sense to dispatch. This is especially useful if the closest person is busy and you have other also in the area.


Utilizing reporting tools puts all of your most crucial information in one place that is easy to download and even easier to digest.

For police officers, this can be especially useful to improve driver habits as well as patrol routes. Seeing reports of where officers are patrolling gives the precinct the opportunity to see if any area is left unchecked for too long or seemingly ignored.

Increasing the efficiency on routes allows for more visibility in certain areas and prevents your officers from overlapping each other.


Additionally, using geofencing is a great way to feature target areas so that officers can maintain their presence in the area.

What is geofencing?

Take any area – a few blocks, a neighborhood, a town – and put a virtual ‘fence’ around it so that you can be notified anytime a tracked vehicle enters or leaves that area.

For police officers – If there’s an area with a lot of crime, geofencing can help you ensure that there is always an officer nearby and ready to respond.

This can help keep officers safe by getting to the situation before it escalates too far. As well as keep the citizens protected by decreasing dispatching time.

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