Insurance checklistYour business, whether established or just beginning, requires some form of insurance to cover your employees or liabilities. Often it can feel like these insurance companies create high premiums just to take your money, but you can use fleet tracking to combat that.

Talk to your insurance provider. There are many incentives for using a GPS vehicle monitoring system because there is less liability on the insurance company.

They are looking to reward you for being responsible and taking care of your business.

And a big bonus is that your lowered insurance can easily cover the cost you pay to track your vehicles in the first place.


Benefits of using Tracking for Insurance

Tracking Complements Insurance

Although tracking is obviously not a replacement for insurance, it is very beneficial when complemented with your current insurance plan. In many cases and with most insurance providers, you can receive a discount on premiums because of the reduced risk.

Tracking is the best way to help you recover stolen goods. If you’ve ever had something stolen in the past, the first thing you wish for is a way to locate exactly where it went, because maybe it isn’t far away. Tracking helps authorities locate your stolen assets by locating them and providing updating assistance throughout the search.

And there’s no big wait time to recover your goods. You can see the goods and immediately contact authorities with useful information.

Without GPS tracking, dealing with insurance claims you lose lots of hours trying to search for information that you may not have. On top of that, the potential monetary loss of your missing assets is looming over your head and you’re worried if the coverage will cover your losses to the full extent. And finally, you have a potential increase in your premium because your items were replaced and your insurance company thinks you’re now at risk.

All of this is just a major headache that you have to deal with when you don’t use GPS tracking to complement your insurance plan.

Tracking’s Many Benefits

Beyond just helping you track down lost or stolen vehicles and equipment, tracking offers many other benefits. These benefits range from improvement in driver safety, lower fuel costs, more accurate employee timekeeping, reduced maintenance costs, and much more. No matter how large or small your fleet, there are many ways you can benefit from GPS tracking.

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