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Gas prices have been down the last couple of years, but it appears the pendulum is about to head the other way this summer. Recent news stories and nationwide studies are showing that we are in the midst of an upward swing right now which is expected to continue for the next several months. As a business with a many vehicles on the road, an increase in gas prices will definitely have an impact on your bottom line.

You know that your Rhino Fleet Tracking system can provide you with real-time GPS tracking when you need it. Did you know it can offer you some great additional money-saving benefits?

How to Control Business Fuel Expenses with Fleet Tracking

Here are our top 4 ways that your integrated Rhino Fleet Tracking solution can help you to better control your business fuel expenditures.

1. Efficient route optimization
Ensure that your drivers are saving on fuel consumption and spending by driving fewer miles, and selecting the best routes to get to their assigned destinations
2. Reduction of excessive idling
Setting up real-time idling alerts can let you know where there is opportunity for driver correction and training. Did you know that, on average, an idling truck can burn 2 gallons of gas in an hour? How does that translate to dollars burned for your business?
3. Driver behavior modification
Negative driver behaviors can impact the fuel efficiency of your fleet. These could include excessive speeding, aggressive driving, and rapid acceleration. Did you know that gas consumption increases when vehicles drive over 40, 50, and 60 MPH?
4. Vehicle maintenance
Setting up reminder alerts for vehicle maintenance can help you to better maintain the health of your fleet. These could include replacing air filters, tire pressure checks or rotations, and oil changes. A well-maintained fleet is a fleet with a lowered fuel consumption.

Don’t let the summer fuel prices negatively impact your ability to best serve your customers. Take advantage of the benefits offered by your Rhino Fleet Tracking system to gain insight and control over your business fuel consumption.

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