protect your car from theft

Some of our favorite stories come from people who had never used Fleet Tracking before, but immediately find the value in it.

To tell the full story, we’re going to combine two stories here.

In the same week, we had two customers with different sized fleets and different objectives join our team. No matter, one needed just 2 units whereas the other needed 60.

They purchased the same week and in the following weeks they both called us back to report how using fleet tracking was going for them.

The client with the larger fleet of 60 immediately said that they loved fleet tracking and they had 75 more vehicles they wanted to add to fleet tracking. Wow!

We had no idea they had all these vehicles left without tracking or we would have quickly recommended not waiting for the rest.

The protection from theft and security are invaluable. Something you can’t find with any other software.

So, they added tracking to the rest of their fleet to make a grand total of 135 vehicles and that was every vehicle they have (hopefully).

Literally the next day, the other customer of ours called in a panic because even though he had just purchased and installed two trackers, one of his vehicles had been stolen from his employee’s property overnight.

Thankfully they had just installed tracking so we could easily track it down and help him recover it, but what are the odds of that?!

Could you imagine if they were our other customer who waited two weeks to get fleet tracking for the rest of their vehicles? Their vehicle would have been long gone with no real way to recover it! Their best chance would be to depend on the police, and who knows if they would have had any luck finding it.

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