How would you handle this sticky situation:

Say a construction company is renting 50 of your Port-a-Johns and you’re scheduled to clean them every few days at their site, it’s a simple agreement.

The first few weeks everything is going well, servicing occurs at its regular cadence… Then one day your employees report that they couldn’t find the Port-a-Johns anywhere. They drove to the construction site and found nothing there.



Your precious investments – the core of your business – stolen while being rented by someone else. How crappy!

After a quick phone call with the renters, you find that they in fact weren’t stolen! Your employees couldn’t find them because they had been moved to another location at the job site – nearly a mile away. How were the employees supposed to know?

The renters then explained that as smaller jobs finished on site, they moved the Port-a-Johns to where the employees would be so the employees wouldn’t be inconvenienced.

The good news is that they weren’t stolen, but what could they do to solve the issue? Asking to report every time the Port-a-Johns moved sounded like a tedious solution for a long-term contract; the construction company wanted no part of being billed for the Port-a-John employees’ time searching.

The cost-effective solution for everyone? Use GPS Asset Tracking.

This is where Rhino Fleet Tracking got involved.

Finding a solution

The solution was quick and easy. They needed an affordable tracking solution that they could stick on the Port-a-Johns so that their employees could easily locate them without wasting time.

This saved everyone time and money. The construction company would no longer waste money on the time it took the Port-a-John company to locate their product. The Port-a-John employees saved themselves time to service other locations by quickly accessing location information.

Both companies are now happier than ever. No wasted money. No wasted time. No dirty restrooms!!

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