Why alerts?

In a nutshell, alerts allow users to respond quicker to emergencies and have a safer operation. Whether that is preventing a vehicle or asset from being stolen, or alerting that a driver that is in an unsafe situation, tracking alerts help identify a problem and put your team on a path to resolving it.

Like mentioned before, alerts address a multitude of areas to help businesses respond to emergencies and improve their operations. There are many benefits to alerts that Rhino Fleet Tracking customers find valuable to them.

We know the following alerts help our customers each and every day:

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Driver Exception alerts

Driver exception alerts cover all the different areas where your drivers may violate safety standards for your organization. This includes excessive speeding, idling for too long, and other inappropriate vehicle use.

Although not typically for emergencies, these alerts help better your organization by monitoring zero tolerance behavior for drivers. If your drivers should never idle for an hour, this is how you make sure that does not happen.

Utilizing these alerts creates more opportunities for coaching drivers and prioritizing safety for your business. Tailor these alerts to only receive notifications for behaviors your organization knows are hazardous, so your supervisors have accurate data to express how drivers can improve when coaching.

Afterhours Alert

Afterhours alerts

These alerts really help Rhino prevent theft and inappropriate use by employees – both of which we hear about regularly.

Loaning out vehicles to employees is allowing them to bear an expensive responsibility that comes with an obvious liability. Tracking is how you ensure things that are out of your control do not cause you to use your valuable assets.

We proudly protect our customers’ valuables from theft by providing not only the tools to prevent theft, but also the tools to work with police to recover stolen vehicles and equipment.

Landmark alerts

Rhino customers have found many ways to use landmark alerts that are beneficial to them. These things include using landmarks to show how long vehicles/equipment leave the yard to be leased for a job or to see when vehicles enter and leave job sites.

Utilizing fleet tracking landmark alerts can be essential for businesses who want to have accurate billing, timesheets, and vehicle locations.

Moving equipment alerts

Equally as important as knowing exactly where your vehicles are, is knowing where your equipment is that does not need to move. Alerts for moving equipment guarantees your equipment is in the right place all the time.

Niche Alerts and more

There are other alerts we offer for specific industries that help our customers do their jobs even better. Towers can receive alerts every time their boom is lowered to pick up a vehicle, easily showing the trips for the day and alerting supervisors of job frequency.

As well, we offer specific alerts for the waste industry, emergency vehicles, construction industry and more! Don’t hesitate to ask. Start by answering some questions about your fleet.