Fleet of Limos

AA Transportation Utilizes Vehicle Tracking System to Deliver A-Plus Service

AA Transportation, based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, offers limousine service as well as school bus and other transportation services to the Boston area.

Before it introduced vehicle tracking systems into its vehicles, billing and scheduling issues did not always make for an easy ride for both the employees and the managers.

According to limousine manager, John Pond, “We were hearing discrepancies between what our employees reported and clients’ claims. An employee would say he got there at the appointed time, while the client would claim that the employee was late.”

“So we were having arguments over billing and over payroll.”

As soon as AA Transportation’s fleet was integrated with our custom vehicle tracking system, their problems were resolved almost immediately:“All those arguments go away when you can produce a report that shows employee’s and/or customers’ exact arrival and departure times.”

Pond was amused at how just the knowledge of the fleet tracking system’s existence changed everyone’s tune.

“We didn’t tell the drivers about the units for about two weeks – but the minute we did, it was amazing how quickly their pay sheets came into line.”

In many cases, AA Transportation can defuse a customer dispute simply by noting the presence of their GPS tracking in the vehicles and offering to send them a detailed trip report.

Rhino Fleet Tracking’s vehicle telematics helps resolve other issues as well. “We faced an audit from IFTA over gasoline taxes,” Pond recalls, “but it turned out that the IFTA people will accept reports from the GPS units as proof of mileage.”

The software’s ability to generate such useful reports led to AA Transportation installing GPS tracking devices in out-of-state vehicles entirely for that purpose.

In addition to equipping all of its limos with vehicle tracking devices, AA Transportation is in the process of adding teletmatics to its buses and other vehicles. Says Pond, “It’s a huge tool for helping us with our billing and documentation processes.”

Enterprise fleet tracking is an excellent tool to manage limousine, truck and commercial fleets. Rhino Fleet Tracking offers a comprehensive web-based monitoring solution for both asset and fleet tracking.

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