There are a lot of preliminary questions that you should ask when you are considering a fleet tracking solution, like the cost, how does the service work, etc. But before you get into an agreement with a company, you’ll want to know:  where does the technology come from?

Understanding your GPS solution

There is no shortage in fleet tracking providers, varying in price, solutions, and general service capabilities. Filtering through the noise can be difficult, but it’s important to know who you are working with.

Since inception, Rhino Fleet Tracking has been based 100% in Texas USA.

In-house Solution Development

All Rhino Fleet Tracking products are developed here in the United States so that we can give our customers a full understanding of their purchase.

For us, it’s imperative to have a solution and an in-house team that is dedicated to improving our solution and creating adjustments in our products for our customers.

Other businesses may offer a similar solution, or a great solution for you, but have no access to their own technology in development or manufacturing. Essentially selling someone else’s product. Our in-house team isn’t a phone call away, but instead just a few steps.

Why Is Development So Crucial?

Consider this: would you prefer to work with someone who is detail-driven and understand the data and needs of the customer, or would you be content with someone who hands you the system and says “figure it out”? It’s a no-brainer.

This is true for any technology you work with. Choose the provider that distinguishes themselves by being proud of the product they are offering you. Showing that they have taken the time and detail required to develop a product, not simply entered the business by purchasing another’s ideas.

What’s the Rhino Difference?

If everyone has a similar solution, how does Rhino Fleet Tracking stand out?

Live, Texas-based customer service that you cannot beat. It’s something about the southern hospitality.

Our highly-acclaimed support team has garnered Rhino a 4.9/5 Customer Rating on Google.

But what makes our customer service unique? Besides being available 24/7/365 to provide support for your business, nothing is more important to us than building the relationship.

When you onboard with Rhino, our customer success managers become employees of your business, where you can call them for any information you need about your account. Unhappy with something? Give us a call. Need to chat about life? We are here to listen.

From our customer success managers to our technical support team, we build relationships so that you know you can depend on us to find a solution to your issues.

We care about your business, because without you there is no Rhino Fleet Tracking.

Whether you’re worried about your vehicles, employees, business, or have general questions, we’ll talk you through the best solution to your problems.

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