gps fleet tracking saves money

The first two items where any fleet owner or manager can save costs through GPS tracking are labor and fuel.  Often, customers or prospective customers will first talk about fuel savings.  The reason is, fuel bills are usually variable from week to week or month to month.  So, naturally, it is thought that GPS tracking can certainly help those as they change often.  While it is true that tracking your fleet will, almost certainly, save you in fuel costs, the bigger savings is in labor.

Consider the following example:

A plumbing company is not using GPS tracking for its fleet. Each day, the plumbers log their hours on a paper log stating where they were and for how long.  When a customer complains that the plumber wasn’t on time or charged too much, the owner of the plumbing company can only ask the plumber on that job when he arrived and when he left. It’s the word of the customer versus that of the plumber.  Now, the customer is slightly incentivized to fabricate a story as to when the plumber did arrive and left.  However, the plumber, because he receives an hourly wage and the potential of overtime, has every incentive to fudge the numbers just a little bit.Here’s the math:

  • Plumber’s wage: $35 per hour
  • Taxes paid by company:  $5.25 per hour (approximate and varies)
  • Worker’s Compensation:  $5 per hour (for some industries the worker’s comp is as much as the hourly wage!)
  • Other costs (insurance, etc..) $5 per hour
  • Total:  $50.25 per hour

If this plumber falsely adds just an extra 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day, that is a weekly loss of $125.63 per week or an average of $550 per month!

Let’s compare that to the cost of GPS tracking for your fleet.

Startup cost:

  • $39.95 – Device
  • $16.95 – First month’s service
  • $16.95 – Last month’s service
  • $20      – Activation

Total Startup:  $93.85 per vehicle including 2 months of service

Ongoing cost: $16.95 per month

Savings against example above:         $533.05 per month

Is it real?  Can I really save over $500 per month with GPS tracking?

Yes and Yes!

GPS tracking of fleets proves effective to improve productivity and reduce theft and waste in fleets around the world.  We have numerous examples of companies across the US that have implemented GPS fleet tracking to quickly eliminate the bad habits employees have adopted when unsupervised in the field.

With no contract, your risks are minimal and the potential payoff is significant.

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