E-Log Mandate Clears White House

Yesterday, CCJ Digital and other news outlets reported that the federal rule to require truck drivers to use electronic logbooks or Elogs and ELD systems had cleared the White House’s Office of Management and Budget and thus it can now be published to the Federal Register.

electronic logging devices

As is the case with all government activities, that won’t happen overnight.  So, look for the final publication to be out on November 30, 2015.

Indications are that the new rule will include some checks to restrict carriers from “pestering” truck drivers during their off duty time and some limits on location tracking.  We look forward to seeing those and will certainly implement them according to the letter of the ELD Mandate.

The new rules will provide greater access for drivers to stored log files.  We see this as the truck drivers having access to the electronic logbook and dispatching systems for their own data.

The hardware will have to be more sophisticated.  No longer will rudimentary cell phone apps fit the bill.  E-Log devices will be required to automatically update driving status, be connected directly to the truck, cover engine on and engine off instances, miles driven, and engine hours.

The ATA is in support of Electronic Logging Devices as documented by submission on June 26, 2014.  In this submission, the ATA proposes longer grandfather periods to encourage rather than discourage early adoption.  The submission also addresses truck driver privacy concerns as well as safety concerns around the use of the electronic logging devices or ELD systems.

The ATA submission also addresses yard moves and the like.  Understandably, a simple yard move of a truck should not be considered “driving” time and thereby potentially invalidate an 8 hour driving rule or even an 11 or 14 hour on duty restriction.

Once the final ELD Mandate ruling is published, we will give our take and a planned implementation of any required changes we need to make to the Rhino Fleet Tracking Electronic Logbook System.