Several reports today indicate that the ruling from the FMCSA for which the trucking world has been waiting, expected on September 27, 2015, will be pushed to the end of October.  Though the FMCSA sent its final revision to the White House in July, the final approval is expected to be held up for another month. This represents just another change in the ELD mandate timeline.

There is no indication that this will result in a change in the final ruling but simply a change in the release date which is expected to be fully required by all carriers (including owner-operators) within 2 years of the announcement.

Many choices exist for ELDs or electronic log books in trucking.  Historical players are there as well as more custom ELD solutions.  Historic leader in the GPS navigation market, Garmin, has extended its offerings for electronic logbooks to cover all of the rules in the United States for passenger and property carriers.

View of highway traffic through the windshield of the truck cab. Navigation is mounted on the dashboard.

We will keep you posted here and are glad to assist with any questions you have regarding the mandates and regulations.  Getting this problem solved now will future-proof your business for the final regulations.