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Rhino Fleet Tracking, a leader in fleet tracking of trucks, cars, and equipment, released its FMCSA-Compliant ELD system September 19, 2017.  This new ELD system fulfills of the regulations required by December 18, 2017 and incorporates all of the fleet tracking benefits provided by Rhino Fleet Tracking’s top rated GPS tracking solution.

What Service is Provided with the Rhino ELD System?

“While there are options and there is a need to simply comply with the ELD mandate, we believe that fleets, which is our primary focus, will benefit best with an ELD solution that incorporates fleet management as well as the basic requirements around Hours of Service logging for drivers.”  Steven Van Ooyen, CEO of Rhino Fleet Tracking

Mr. Van Ooyen goes on to say, “What we are starting to see now is a growing interest to move forward with ELD implementation since Congress rejected the last proposal to postpone the regulation implementation date.  Up to this point, there have been plenty of inquires but few purchases relative to the number of inquiries (from us or anyone else).  It is our belief that this could cause fleets issues if they choose to wait until early December.  Our recommendation is to make your purchase now.  It might cost you a couple of months of service, but it will ensure you are compliant when the mandate takes effect.”

Will the Rhino Fleet Tracking Electronic Logging Device be easy to install?

Rhino Fleet Tracking’s implementation of its ELD system is very simple and allows fleet managers and owners to get their vehicles online in a matter of minutes.  The solution is also free of the need for a professional installer to install the ELD device.  Thus the solution costs less.

As always with Rhino Fleet Tracking, the solution can be purchased without a contract.  However, if cash flow is critical, 2-year and 3-year bundled options are available.