Fleet Information at your fingertips.

Let’s face it, we’re a society constantly seeking instant gratification and advances in technology has fed our need (er, demand) for this behavior. It’s no surprise that advances in technology have allowed businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. This is evident by looking at the Apple and Android app stores, totaling 4.2 million apps – which was a mere 35,000 less than 7 years ago.

This need is no different for our GPS Tracking customers who want their fleet information right at their fingertips. Imagine that one of your employees calls frantically to let you know that one of the company vehicles has been stolen. You have GPS trackers installed, great! But…you are in the middle of nowhere watching your teenager’s basketball game with no laptop and no wifi. That’s when having a dependable mobile app for your fleet tracking comes to the rescue. Within seconds, you can pull up your mobile app on your phone to locate the stolen vehicle, providing your employee and the police the exact location for the stolen property.

Rhino Fleet Tracking mobile app

The Future of Fleet Tracking

Reliable gps tracking service on your desktop and mobile, what’s next, just speaking and being able to track your fleet? Oh yeah, we already took care of that too – Rhino Fleet Tracking with Amazon Alexa. Check it out.

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