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FMCSA Grant Gives Police Tool to Spy

FMCSA Grant Gives Police Tool to Spy
November 2, 2015 Fleet Tracking Editor

Increasing Driver Safety?

On its Facebook page, the FMCSA announced it had granted funds to several North Texas police departments to facilitate the acquisition of a bus used to covertly spy on drivers. The stated goal is to cut down on distracted driving by both private and commercial drivers.

If the true intent is to warn and, hopefully, increase safety amongst car and truck drivers, then that is admirable and worth doing.

This goes beyond radar detectors and electronic logbooks.  Now, in the story, an officer talks about a truck driver who was not wearing a seatbelt and talking on his phone.  Those are 2, clear, violations.  The first is a public safety issue and the other a personal safety issue.  We pass no judgement here.

What do you think?