Items like fuel expenses, vehicle registrations, and various scheduled maintenance costs are obvious fleet costs that fleet managers must monitor. However, there are many hidden costs that are often revealed in a short amount of time when GPS fleet tracking services are utilized.


When managed more closely, these costs can quickly and easily be reduced. These reductions can more than cover the upfront expense connected with implementation of GPS tracking devices.

Vehicle Usage

The ability to monitor the wear and tear on your fleet enables a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance. By knowing how your vehicles are being used, you can spread the wear across your fleet to reduce the frequency of tire replacements, oil changes, fluid refills and more. GPS trackers can greatly reduce your overall maintenance expenses.

Additionally, by monitoring vehicle usage you can identify common periods of downtime and adjust your scheduling accordingly. When you minimize vehicle downtime, you are simultaneously maximizing productivity. This can mean either fewer unproductive hours scheduled, or more time available to serve customers.

Identifying At-Risk Drivers

Most fleet teams have both good and… let’s say “not-so-good” drivers. A tremendous benefit of GPS tracking service is the ability to address at-risk behaviors before an accident or traffic violation occurs that could negatively impact your bottom-line. You will also be able to identify drivers that are using their company vehicle for non-business purposes, be that on the clock or off the clock.

Improving Safety

The safety of drivers and equipment is central to profitability. GPS tracking devices allow fleet managers to immediately address dangerous behavior and implement training methods to prevent drivers from hurting themselves or others. Maintaining a safe fleet is far more than just avoiding accidents.

Specific Vehicles’ Return on Investment

It can be easy to be reactive on maintenance items. Proactively monitoring the cost and effectiveness of operating older equipment can help you make timely decisions on replacing or continuing with repairs. When the GPS tracking data shows you that the equipment is operating properly less than it is in need of service, you will know its time to salvage and replace.

This isn’t just true for equipment. As the cars and trucks in your fleet age, you will easily be able to monitor how many miles they put on between trips to the shop. With this information, you can objectively identify the point that the vehicle passes it’s point of usefulness.

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