Delivery Truck On HighwayPredictability gives all of us comfort. This is why the Amazon delivery process has become the norm – people love to know where their things are and when they will arrive.

But what about the process of your goods getting to where they need to go? With millions of drivers on the road, the longer you travel, the larger the odds are that you’ll encounter some whacky situation.

Weeks ago, our client called Rhino Fleet Tracking because she received a video and complaint via email that a driver was speeding. The individual had taken a video of this driver going 90 mph…25 mph over the speed limit!

Immediately our client realized she needed to use the speed alert feature in our software, so she could accurately monitor this type of behavior and know for sure if accusations like this were valid.

She promptly communicated with our team to find out how long her driver had been speeding, and why he was behind schedule if he had left on time that morning.

Getting to the bottom of things, together we found that the driver took multiple lengthy idle breaks during the day, causing him to be so behind schedule he had to speed to make it to his destination on time.

Driving recklessly is absolutely inexcusable, and to receive a video of your driver driving dangerously must have been enraging.

At Rhino Fleet Tracking, our alerts help business owners stay ahead of the game and proactively handle poor driver behavior like speeding or other careless driving practices.

Want to let your driver know they’ve stopped for too long? Use stop/idle alerts.

Want to know if your driver exceeds the speed limit by 10 mph or ever reaches a certain speed? Use speed alerts.

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